Overview of the development plan, the status of the project and the next steps.

  1. Previously in 2022, the deFix3 project was soft launched with a focus on the seed phase. The team developed and released a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) web wallet, which allowed early users to test and provide feedback on the platform's core features. Additionally, the team conducted extensive research on potential ecosystem partnerships to expand the platform's capabilities and reach. This research included identifying and evaluating different blockchain networks, protocols, and decentralized application (dApp) partners that could be integrated into the deFix3 platform. The goal was to build a strong foundation for the platform and establish key partnerships that would be critical for future growth and development.Securing funding from venture capitalists, release of mobile app, execution of marketing campaigns to increase visibility.

  2. In 2023, after fundraising and the launch of the mobile app, the focus will be on reaching the first milestone of 1,000 users. This will be accomplished by investing in promotion and marketing strategies such as hosting a deFix3 world Hackathon to attract developers and engage with the community, as well as participating in blockchain-related events to raise awareness and generate interest in the platform. Efforts will also be made to explore partnerships and collaborations with other companies and organizations in the blockchain space to increase exposure and drive user acquisition. These efforts will aim to establish a strong user base and build momentum for the platform as it moves forward.

  3. By 2024, the deFix3 platform will have reached a robust state. The launch of the core dApps on the deFix3 platform is a crucial in delivering a one-stop-shop. The rollout of these dApps to full functionality is essential in ensuring that users have access to a wide range of features and tools to manage their assets and access decentralized services. Additionally, this phase will also involve conducting an Initial Dex Offering (IDO) which will provide early supporters and investors the opportunity to purchase tokens and participate in the growth of the platform. Furthermore, the IDO is a key step in raising funds to support the ongoing development and expansion of the platform.

  4. The focus in the coming years will be on community building and engagement, with the aim of expanding the user base and reaching 21 million users before 2026. This will involve targeted marketing and promotional campaigns, as well as building stronger relationships with existing users through community events and activities. Additionally, improving the user experience and overall functionality of the platform through ongoing development and improvements is key. By reaching the 3 million user milestone, the foundation will be solid to build upon as the growth and evolution of the platform continues. The ultimate goal is to create a vibrant, engaged community of users who are passionate about decentralized technologies and the benefits they offer.

  5. Once a significant milestone has been reached, such as the distribution of dividends to token holders, it will be important to reevaluate future plans in order to take into account any new insights or opportunities that have emerged. This can include updating the roadmap, adjusting development priorities, or exploring new partnerships or collaborations. It is important to remain agile and responsive to changes in the market or industry in order to continue driving growth and innovation. Additionally, assessing the performance of the platform, listening to the feedback from the users, and analyzing the metrics will be crucial for making strategic decisions. This will ensure that the platform remains competitive and continues to meet the needs and expectations of its users.

The upcoming developments include integrating or developing new decentralized applications that utilize the capabilities of blockchain technology to solve real-world issues. Among the projects in the pipeline, an AI trading bot and a Micro-Credit service to provide access to financial services and credit to underbanked regions are noteworthy. However, there are many other decentralized applications solutions being considered to expand the scope of the platform. This concludes the roadmap for the platform's growth and development.

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